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Group Rules/Advertisements

As the name implies, this is a Group for any type of adoptables.

Here are our rules;
please read these before submitting art:

:bulletpink:1. The adoptables must be hand-drawn or made from bases/lineart.
We do NOT accept adoptables made from dollmakers/character generators/
other flash games or adoptables recolored from screenshots or anything like that.

:bulletpink:2. There's no limit to how often you can submit art. Submit as often as you like.
:bulletpink:3. Point adoptables and other adoptables for sale are allowed,
but must be submitted to the "For Sale" folder. Our main focus
is on free adoptables.

:bulletpink: 3.5 HOWEVER, if an adoptable can be adopted for free
(such as a draw-to-adopt) or for points
it can be submitted to the other folders.
:bulletpink:4. You don't need to be a Group member to adopt any adoptables.
Anyone can adopt them. You also don't need to be a member
to submit adoptables.

Thanks for reading!


Advertise Your Adoptables!:

We are now advertising your adoptables! The cost is 20 points per
adoptable/set of adoptables (under the proper section, I will
include a link to the adoptable/s you want to advertise).

To pay, give the Points to :iconmagenta-fantasies: and note her
with the links to the adoptables you want advertised. DO NOT NOTE THE GROUP!

There are over 3,000 members and watchers,
so this advertising will reach a LOT of people! It's very cheap, too!

We will add more categories as needed.

Animal Adoptables

Cat Adoptables (100 points or $2 by PayPal)
Dog Adoptables
Horse Adoptables
Other Animals (categories will be added as needed) (wolf adoptables, 200 points or $3 by PayPal)

Human Adoptables

Fantasy Adoptables

Dragon Adoptables (200 points or $3 by PayPal)
Other Fantasy Creatures (categories will be added as needed) (original species, 2-4 points each) (fairies, 300 points or $3 by PayPal)

Anthro Adoptables

Sonic Adoptables

Breedables (categories will be added as needed)

Eggs (categories will be added as needed)


We only affiliate with other adoptable Groups.


You have until Thanksgiving to sign up for the Secret Santa. So far it seems like there's enough interest to run a Secret Santa!

Unlike the last journal, which was just to gauge interest, commenting in this journal means that you're committing to doing this. If something comes up and you think you're no longer able, notify me ASAP.


For those who haven't done it before, you get assigned a person to draw something for, and in return someone else gets assigned to draw something for you. You get to choose what you want, but you don't get to pick who draws it. Likewise, you don't get to pick who you draw for.

:star: You must be a member of this group. If you're not, join now! You're more than welcome!

:star: All gifts have to be adoptables.

:star: To join, make a journal titled “[insert username]’s Wish List”. In this, include what you want drawn (try to be as specific as you can). This request MUST be a sheet of adoptables or one adoptable.

What to post in your journal:

Username: Your username
What type of adoptables you want: (This can be as specific or as broad as you want. Broad example: dragon adoptables. Specific example: elemental-themed chibi dragons with two pairs of wings. If you're asking for one adoptable, you can be as specific as you like. Going back to the dragon example, you could ask for a fire-themed chibi dragon with two pairs of crimson wings with orange claws on the tips, amber eyes, a purple-striped tail, and flame-like markings on the sides of the face, and so on so forth.)
Number of adoptables: (Try to be reasonable about this.)

Also mention that this is for the Secret Santa in the journal (something like "this is for :iconalladoptables: Secret Santa" .

:star: Comment in this journal to join.

:star: You can make the adoptables completely by yourself, use bases or lineart, but you cannot use flash games, character makers, doll makers, et cetera. It’s lazy and uncreative, especially if someone else took the time to make your adoptables themselves.

:star: The adoptables will be yours once you’ve received them.

:star: You have until November 29, 2013 at 12:00 AM to sign up (because DA's hourly time is really off, for me it counts "midnight" at about 7 or 8 PM, I'm willing to be lenient by a few hours). After that, I'll assign whose gift you'll be drawing.

:star: Upload the adoptable gift to your gallery, but note me with a link to it so I know you made your gift. The adoptable/s must be uploaded on or before New Year's Day,  but you can give your gift to your person between Christmas Day and New Year's Day if you finish it before New Year's Day.

:star: If you upload your gift later than that without a good reason (a "good reason" would be that you went above and beyond what your giftee asked for or you had some other type of issue come up), you will be banned from future Secret Santas. If you think you have a good reason, note me, and I'll deal with it on a case-by-case basis. I'm pretty reasonable, so it's likely I'll give you an extension.

If something's wrong, or you have any questions, note :iconmagenta-fantasies:.



I've assigned everyone, including myself, a wishlist to fulfill. Good luck!

More Journal Entries








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wolfyninja911 1 day ago  Hobbyist Artist… Here are canines and feline adoptables
DetectivePeepEWiener 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your auction folder is full ; w ;
My free Kittys  are closed , can someone take them out of the folder.
Nae1415 Mar 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
please ban :iconflower-cr0wns: from your group, they're stealing and using your group to promote their stolen linearts.
Kooliokat Mar 3, 2014  Student Digital Artist


I have some new Valentines themed adopts for sale!
Check them out!…
What else can I be
All adoptablies.
Accidentally put my maker adopts in here, can you remove it?
CookieHolicNyu Dec 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Adoptable Female/Male Base or Female Chibi Base.
Pixel Kunai Move by CookieHolicNyu Only 60 :points:

ADOBTABLE Female Fullbody Base by CookieHolicNyu ADOPTABLE Male Fullbody Base by CookieHolicNyu ADOPTABLE Female Chibi Bases by CookieHolicNyu
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